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Here you will get a quick view of the list of equipment that our company offers, it provides a comprehensive list of items and systems that can help you with your day- to- day analysis
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In the many years of our existence in the market today, we strive to provide continuous efficient product and service.

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Be part of Guill-Bern Team we have current job openings as follows:

Technical Sales Representative- Bachelor degree of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biology...
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Excellent pham forum by ISPE and Guill-bern corp. congratulations!!!
I have learned additional knowledge from this seminar but time is limited, but presentation & speakers are okay.
  Pharma Forum GBC in coordination with ISPE
March 15, 2013
Crowne Plaza 

Excellent event! Please provide a product quotation of the DA7250.
Great product!
Very informative: technology presented is very useful.
Up to date instruments seminars like this is a big help, very good, very organized.
  Perten DA7250 Launching
May 30, 2013
Crowne Plaza